Town Centres: What are the best means of resuscitation? [Podcast]

Matthew Shefras
Matthew Shefras | 15 Jun 2020
Town Centres: What are the best means of resuscitation? [Podcast]

This week we had the enjoyment of taking part in Barton Willmore's podcast - Uncut in Conversation Finding a Way

The topic? Town Centres: What are the best means of resuscitation? 

With ‘non-essential’ shops set to open shortly and the 2-metre distancing requirements under review, our town centres are poised for return, but will they be able to offer a resilient response to the changing retail habits COVID-19 has accelerated in recent months? Are they on the operating table or merely in need of some therapeutic care?

Forty Group Co-Founder Matthew Shefras joined Ghislaine Halpenny from the British Property Federation, Kevin Cowin the Mace, Planning Associate and High Streets Task Force shortlistee Nicole Roe, and Senior Partner, Iain Painting from Barton Willmore. 

Key thoughts from the conversion:

  • Fragmented ownership and the collaboration/LPA ambition required to overcome this
  • The importance of flexibility and creativity of taxation and affordable retail models
  • We have to get better at applying the numerous existing planning structures 
  • We need a move away from quantitative to qualitative thinking

Listen to the podcast here

Tags: Retail Is Not Dead
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