We believe Forty Group is a great place to work where we do great work.

Are You a Forty Person?

7 ways to tell if you are a Forty person...

  1. You are a people person that loves client interaction
  2. You don't judge people on the size of the project, more than merit of the endeavour
  3. You like to advise, not preach
  4. Hard work is like pays off in the end!
  5. You realise there is always a solution no matter how tricky the situation
  6. You don't do over the phone what you can do in person
  7. You're a pro-active advisor

Quotes From The Team

  • Jacob
  • Michelle

Forty Values

At Forty we've decided to live by five values. These reflect the way we aim to do business and work together.

  • Passion - be the best you can, inspire others, get better and better, love what you do, focus on the opportunity not the obstacle, be tenacious. 
  • Courage - ask questions, be honest, be assertive, get the facts, suggests other and better ways, take the initiative, stand up for your convictions, say no to wasteful work, think big. 
  • Customer Centricity - own the issue, make it right, go the extra mile, seek to improve, have empathy, always put yourself in the customer's shoes. 
  • Curiosity - question everything, be eager to learn and improve, challenge exisiting ways of working, be curious about everything 'Forty' whether it be business, strategy, culture, customers, ways of working or industry, 
  • Positivity - Give thanks to co-workers, be enthusiastic, practice random acts of kindness, look for opportunites to have fun, pitch in, contribute to the culture, look for the good in each other, avoid office dramas, tell them to their face, respect others. 

Forty Perks & Benefits

Great work deserves great rewards. Here are a few of the ways we reward our team:

  • Flexible working
  • Bonus schemes
  • Perkbox
Do you have what it takes to join our team?